Cat Treats

Helping cat owners strengthen the bond with their cats.


Keeping your kitty-cat happy just got easier for cat owners

Thanks to our collection of small-batch cat treats packed with healthy and flavorful ingredients in the shapes, tastes and textures your favorite feline will love.

Explore Our Cat Treats

Creamy Lickable Treat in a Squeezable Tube

Squeeze this creamy, low-calorie treat right from the tube onto your cat’s tongue and watch your cat lick 'n' lap it all up!

Super Soft Bite-Sized Meaty Treats

Cats love the size, texture and high meat content of these soft and tasty, double-meaty treats!

Gently Oven-Roasted Cat Sticks

High meat content (>70%), small batch production and premium ingredients combine to make these truly irresistible.

Thick and Creamy Topper or Side Dish

Tender chicken fillet pieces in a thick and creamy stew! Great for older cats!

Your furry best friend will have a blast trying to get at the moist and tender cat treats inside our interactive toy!

The wobbling action of the Vitakraft Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy rewards your  cat’s natural instinct to hunt and forage for their food, with our classically tasty Meaty Morsels!


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We know what Cats are really into

Why do cat owners trust Vitakraft cat treats?

  • Our Love for all Animals

    What began more than 180 years ago out of sheer love for nature and animals now forms the heart of our brand. Our passion drives our dedication for the wellbeing of all animals. At Vitakraft, our number one priority is to provide high quality products that ensure that all animals receive the perfect diet – just like in the wild.
  • Our Cat Treats are Delicious and Nutritious
    We blend German tradition of quality and small-batch production techniques with desirable tastes and textures to create treats that cats love – reassuring cat owners that they are providing what their cats crave and keeping up with their nutritional needs through every phase of their life
  • We Cultivate
    a Special Bond
    We understand the intimate bond cat owners have with their furry friends and for more than a century, we have been creating ways to help cat owners strengthen and enjoy their relationship with their cat.