Image of Vita Smart Hedgehog

Vita Smart Hedgehog

Vita Smart provides your hedgehog with a natural, nutritious diet fortified with the key vitamins & minerals which are important in supporting a lifetime of health and wellness. Crafted with a high-protein blend of meat, seafood, mealworms, and vegetables, Vita Smart has all the nutrients hedgehogs need and natural flavors they want, without extra sugars or artificial additives.

Image of Wigglers & Berries

Wigglers & Berries

Sunseed Vita Prima Wigglers & Berries are a great supplement to regular daily hedgehog food! This treat is full of dried meal worms—your hedgehog's favorite—and these high-protein super worms are mixed with only the tastiest fruits and veggies. This treat is the perfect addition to your household collection of hedgehog supplies. Put some in your hedgehog cage for your pet's easy access!

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