Image of Oat Groats

Oat Groats

Nutritious, delicious, and perfectly sized for smaller beaks, Oat Groats are the ideal healthy treat or food topper for your feathered friend! Offer as a snack, special treat, or use as a nutritious topper for a pelleted diet. Oat Groats also go great with Vitakraft Egg Food!

Image of VitaSmart Cockatiel & Lovebird

VitaSmart Cockatiel & Lovebird

Vitakraft Vita Smart Cockatiel and Lovebird Food is a premium grain, fruit and nut bird seed mix that’s perfect for your pet bird. This species-specific bird food provides complete nutrition thanks to a high-biodiversity mix that’s like a fiesta in a bag, including millet, sunflower seeds for birds, nutriberries, peas, papaya, carrots, coconut, and pineapple. With unique ingredients such as dried chamomile and dried rose hips, your cockatiel or lovebird will never be bored. This blend contains aloe vera concentrate, along with other added nutrients, for the specific skin needs of cockatiels. Pair with fresh food, water, and lots of Vitakraft cockatiel treats!

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